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Part II: Meet the Occupation Professor!

What makes the Occupation Professor career assessment test unique?

I was frustrated with other career tests on the market which only included a small subset of occupations. Clients taking these other tests received results based only on the career interests of this narrow subset. I wanted a more comprehensive test which was also practical. My goal was to ensure that my test doesn't narrow your occupation match prematurely and is very comprehensive for test takers. The Occupation Professor test looks at careers from three angles: what you are interested in, your abilities and what is practical for you.

Do you have examples of how this works?

For instance, a typical career assessment test may uncover that you are interested in medicine. Your test summary will send you a job-match result for a job as a physician. However, this field requires extensive training including a graduate degree, which may not be practical for many people. The typical test tells the candidate that this is a good option, even if the candidate isn't able to commit to years of higher education. The Occupation Professor test includes practical considerations in the job matches and identifies expressed interests using our search-engine process.

Who was this career assessment test created for?

The two main groups who I've been using my test are College students deciding on a major or career and mid-career, professionals who want to assess career options and/or change careers.

How was this test created?

Once I decided to create my own test, I spent several years in research and development. I researched a broad range of occupations using online tools such as ONET which is an American Occupation Directory. I decided to create a test which includes the full-range of occupations and which would address this gap in the market.

Stay tuned for Part III of Dan's interview. Hear about the inspiration for the Occupation Professor test!

Sharon B. Cohen leverages her experience in psychology, business and technology in her writing. She's lived, worked and studied internationally. Her own consulting includes projects in the USA, Canada and Asia. She is an experienced, MBA Career college instructor for 18+ business majors and the employers who recruit these candidates.

POSTED: 7-12-2015 at 2:51 PM (EDT)

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