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Can Online Job Hiring Boards Get You Your Next Big Career Step?

online job hiring boardsThere is no doubt that when many people first start to look for a new job, they turn to the internet. After all, most job listings CAN be found out on the web somewhere. But, just because job openings are listed online, doesn't mean that applying through the online job hiring boards will necessarily land you the job.

Still, a rather large number of people DO get hired by submitting their resume to these online postings. So, what is the best way to go about your search? What job boards are best? And how do you increase your chances of being noticed among hundreds or thousands of online applicants?

Before you set out to apply to any of the listings on job hiring boards, you want to make sure you have your act together: an excellent resume, and a tailored cover letter for each position. Updating your resume often (even minor changes daily) will help keep you at the top of any search lists the company recruiters perform. Don't apply to everything you see; target a few positions/companies and really focus your efforts there. Stay organized and create a spreadsheet of the jobs in which you applied. Keep an organizer with different versions of your resume/cover letter along with the employer information and job description.

Once you apply online, dig even further and try to find contact information for a follow-up. Also, maintain an active and appropriate online presence through social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and ZoomInfo. Most potential employers are going to search for you online: let them find you and get a great first impression.

There are several traditional, very well-known online job hiring boards out there, like Monster and CareerBuilder. They are a great start. Indeed.com is also very popular these days and is a more comprehensive site that allows you to search multiple job boards, company career pages, associations, and other sites that list jobs all at one time. LinkedIn is unique in this case because it was designed to be more of a social media and networking site. However, with their addition of the Jobs section, more and more employers are destined to include their job postings there as well.

There are also many industry specific online job hiring boards now available. These include sites such as Dice.com for technology professionals and HigherEdJobs for jobs in Higher Education. If you are interested in government listings, check out USAJobs.gov. The list goes on and on. Most professional associations will also have an online job hiring board.

So, you actually have a pretty decent shot of being successful in your online job search if you do it strategically. According to a recent study on "Sources of Hire" by CareerXRoads, the chances of being hired through an online job hiring board is about 15.4%. This isn't terrible considering that internal movement and promotion accounts for close to half of this data. What is next in line? Not surprisingly, employee referrals. You are still more likely to be hired into a new position based on your network! Hiring has been and will continue to be more about who you know!

Want to learn more about choosing a career? Our unique career assessment test can help! See our blog post about how to take the OccupationProfessor.com survey.

POSTED: 7-12-2015 at 2:51 PM (EDT)

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