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The most popular bachelor degrees granted in the U.S.

Ever wonder what most people study in college? It's good to know, but that doesn't mean it's the perfect major for you. More students can mean more competition and consequently warrant more degree- and career-specialization in study planning. And just because a major is pouplar (or even less popular but with more career opportunities) doesn't mean it's your best fit. OccupationProfessor.com testing takes all elements into consideration in recommending your best scenario. Are you interested in one of the majors on this list? You just might want to learn more about its maximum potential for you!

Commonality Major Degrees
1 Business 365,093
2 Social sciences and history 177,144
3 Health professions and related programs 143,430
4 Education 103,992
5 Psychology 100,893
6 Visual and performing arts 93,956
7 Biological and biomedical sciences 90,003
8 Communication, journalism, and related programs 83,274
9 Engineering 76,376
10 English language and literature/letters 52,744
11 Homeland security, law enforcement, and firefighting 47,602
12 Liberal arts and sciences, general studies,and humanities 46,727
13 Computer and information sciences 43,072
14 Multi/interdisciplinary studies 42,228
15 Parks, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies 35,924
16 Agriculture and natural resources 28,623
17 Public administration and social services 26,774
18 Physical sciences and science technologies 24,712
19 Family and consumer sciences/human sciences 22,444
20 Foreign languages, literatures, and linguistics 21,706
21 Mathematics and statistics 17,182
22 Engineering technologies 16,741
23 Philosophy and religious studies 12,836
24 Architecture and related services 9,832
25 Area, ethnic, cultural, gender, and group studies 9,100
26 Theology and religious vocations 9,074
27 Transportation and materials moving 4,941
28 Communications technologies 4,858
29 Legal professions and studies 4,429
30 Library science 96
31 Military technologies and applied sciences 64
32 Precision production 43

Now that you know popular college majors for careers, are you in a position to see if our career quiz can help you? Read more about who we help.

POSTED: 7-12-2015 at 2:51 PM (EDT)

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