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Is There Any Real Value in Online Career Counseling?

Career counseling started with a series of paper-and-pencil tests designed to measure people's interests in different occupations (such as sales, arts, administration, management, etc.). These tests were tools used by career counselors as a "scientific" way to help guide people into the right career path.

With advent of the internet, some of those tests were moved online and made available to the general public and became what is now online career counseling.

Buyer Beware

The problem with these original online tests is that they were too narrow in their scope.

  1. The tests only measured people's INTERESTS in an occupation. They didn't measure other criteria which are important for making a good career decision (such as ABILITIES, what are people actually good at?).
  2. The tests used outdated occupations. Most of the original tests have not been updated to include many occupations that have been created in the past 20 years (which is particularly important in the computer/information technology field).

We have also noticed that many of the free online career counseling websites will "steer" people to schools such as online degree programs. The sites have neutral sounding names, but are really just marketing sites to get students to sign up for colleges.


The only neutral online career counseling website that measures people's abilities and interests (and includes all 1,100 current occupations) is www.OccupationProfessor.com.

This website is actually BETTER than going to many career counselors, for several reasons.

  1. The price tag is cheaper.
  2. The OccupationProfessor testing measures your abilities and uses search filters that you can change/refine based upon your interests.
  3. You are a lifetime member, so that you if your interests change over time, you just log back in and change your interest search filters and produce another report.
  4. The database includes all of the occupations that are currently recognized by the federal government.
  5. It isn't biased towards any school or career field. The only concern is what is best for you.

POSTED: 7-13-2015 at 4:44 AM (EDT)

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