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  • Winter 2014 issue. The Winter 2014 Newsletter discusses 'personal branding', a term that has been popularized in recent years dealing with how people market themselves and their careers. Your personal brand encompasses who you are, and how you are being viewed by others. Invest in yourself this year and consider these ideas for self-improvement and career growth.

  • Fall 2014 issue. The Fall 2014 Newsletter discusses internships. Do you want that stellar job making decent money right out of college? Whether paid or unpaid, your chances of landing the gig are greater if you have an internship or two under your belt first. Internships serve value and importance for a variety of reasons and will impact your life long after those college years.

  • Spring 2014 issue. The Spring 2014 Newsletter discusses college tours. When is the best time to schedule a campus visit? If you are planning to attend college and haven’t started your college plan or road map to college, now may be the time! We examine several sites that can help you get started.

  • Fall 2013 issue. The Fall 2013 Newsletter discusses career centers and how you can use them to help guide your occupational exploration process. Whether you are a prospective student or current student, the tips discussed here will help you make your campus career center work for you!

  • Summer 2013 issue. The Summer 2013 Newsletter discusses the pros/cons of being self-employed, something that many people consider as an alternative to traditional employment. It lists organizations people should consider if they are considering freelance work or starting their own organization. The newsletter also lists the most commonly freelanced jobs as well. The featured major this quarter is: Business—showing the top universities for business majors, the different areas of concentration within this major and their associated incomes.

  • Spring 2013 issue. The Spring 2013 Newsletter shows people how to successfully navigate the job interview, and includes information that candidates should ask of the employer during the interview. Candidates should also know their own individual strengths and weaknesses. The newsletter shows how to prepare for a Skype interview as well. It includes warnings to candidates about how social media and email can cost people a chance at a good job with a reputable employer. The featured major this quarter is: Computer Science—showing the top universities for computer science majors, the median income for people entering the workforce with this degree, and what people can do with a computer science degree.

  • Winter 2012 issue. The Winter 2012 Newsletter shows people how to determine the right college, including a step-by-step college search guide, paying for college (including links to US News and StudentBank articles). It shows the return on investment for your education dollars. The featured major this quarter is: History—showing the top universities for history majors, the median income for people entering the workforce with this degree, and what people can do with a history degree.

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