How Can We Help?

> As parents, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to help our children succeed.

So, what if you could give them a head start on choosing a career that gives them the best chance for success and happiness?

You can, and we can help.

You already know that college is expensive.

But, Did You Know?

Changing majors and transferring to different schools can make it even more expensive.

  • The average cost of that education is: $20,339 per year? *
  • 60% of students transfer school — many because their initial school doesn’t offer a major that they want to pursue?
  • 50% of students change majors once they are in college — mostly because they don’t know what they "want to be" when they graduate from college?

Make a wise investment in your student’s future. Help them learn the ideal career path for them. Then, you and they can make smart choices about their education that lead to greater happiness and success.

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* Public, four-year college, in-state tuition, living on-campus. Includes tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation and other expenses. From The College Board "Trends in College Pricing 2010" report, Average Estimated Undergraduate Budgets, 2010/2011