OccupationProfessor Reports

> This section presents some example reports that will show you the power of the OccupationProfessor system in matching people to occupations.

The choices you make today will have a direct and life-long impact on your income, your standard of living and most of all, your day-to-day job satisfaction and happiness.

The OccupationProfessor system produces three types of career-guidance reports. Each is described below.

Download Sample Reports

Examples of the three types of reports provided by the OccupationProfessor system are provided below. Click on the link to download the PDF file containing the report.

  • Download a Career-Match Report.   After you complete your assessment, you can search our occupational database to find occupations that match your profile. You can conduct as many searches as you want, varying the general occupational family and various filtering criteria to guide your search. This sample report shows the occupations that match the candidate’s ability and interests – based upon the job family, educational requirement, desired income, tasks, and projected growth rates.

  • Download an Occupation-Description Report.   As you look through your Career-Match reports, you can drill-down on an occupation that matches your profile to see more details on it, including tasks performed, salary, employment outlook, and qualifications. If you find a promising occupation, you can add it to your "Favorite Occupations" list from this report.

  • Download a Favorite-Occupations Report.   As you look through your Career-Match reports, you can save occupations that interest you in a "favorites" list. This allows you to create and manage a single listing of occupations you may identify from different career-match searches.

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