The Power of Career Counseling

> We know that discovering your ideal career can lead to a lot of questions.

That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) about career counseling and the services we provide at OccupationProfessor.

The questions are organized by category, and will hopefully provide all the information you need. If you require additional details, or wish to inquire about personalized Career Consultations, please contact us.

How do people choose their careers now?

Unfortunately, people often pick their careers in a very haphazard fashion — usually by taking the first job offer they receive upon school completion.

Many people pick careers based upon a course that they liked in college or based upon jobs held by friends/family members.

How SHOULD people choose their careers?

People should pick their careers based upon: 1) their abilities, 2) their interests and 3) practical considerations: (desired income level, amount of schooling willing to undertake, etc).

People should pick their careers first, their majors second and their college third. Too many people do this exactly backwards!

Why haven't I heard about this more?

There is a void in the market now; leaving most people to make career decisions relatively randomly, and without the valuable kind of guidance OccupationProfessor provides.

Why should I pay for career counseling?

Once people start their careers, they get 'tagged' within that job/industry, after their first or second job. Often, it is hard to break out of that box afterwards.

Career counseling greatly reduces your risk of wasting time and money on misguided education costs.

Career counseling greatly increases your chances that you will choose a career you truly love, and in which you are likely to succeed.

Isn't it too early for testing? Shouldn't we wait until our student’s junior/senior year of college?

No, you've probably wasted college tuition dollars at that point. 18-year-olds are already making career-affecting decisions. Why not give them the information and tools they need to make those choices wisely?

What does the testing process consist of?

Our Career Profile Test takes about an hour to complete, and consists of problem-solving and personality items—designed to measure your natural abilities.

Afterwards, with OccupationProfessor, you can review your comprehensive test results (see examples on the Sample Reports page), and search our directory of occupation listings, until you find the career that best matches your talents and interests.

Career counseling greatly increases your chances that you will choose a career you truly love, and in which you are likely to succeed.

What kind of report/output do I get?

After you take the test, you will get a listing of different careers that match your criteria, along with links to additional information—such as anticipated growth for the career, income, educational fields to study if you want to pursue that career, professional associations, etc. See examples on the Sample Reports page.

How much does the OccupationProfessor service cost?

For a one-time, all-inclusive fee of $75 you can take the test, receive your detailed profile and job match listings, and gain access to our proprietary job listings search directory.

How do I sign up to get started?

Take the test now, or choose “Get Started” from the top navigation, from any page within this site.

Is there any follow-up available after the testing?

After you take the test, you may have follow-up questions about your resulting job match listings. With OccupationProfessor, you can sign up to "Ask Dr. Dan". This feature allows you to ask up to 5 questions of Dr. Whitenack or his team, via e-mail, for only $49. E-mail questions will be answered within 2 business days.

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