The OccupationProfessor Advantage

> OccupationProfessor is a complete career counseling service like no other.

When you choose to partner with us, you’ll gain the confidence and guidance to boldly pursue your ideal career path.

So, how and why does it work?

Our Test & Methods

Our careers test takes about 60 minutes to complete, and is:

  • Built to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Designed to match those strengths to careers that will maximize your talents and opportunities for success
  • Tailored exclusively for career counseling purposes
  • Developed by a Ph.D. Industrial Psychologist, and conforms to standards used by the American Psychological Association
  • Based on many years of experience performing career counseling services for students and adults of all ages

The Science Behind our Success

Our unique approach starts with proven personality and aptitude testing tools, and takes them to the next level, by custom-tailoring these resources for career counseling purposes.

Our proprietary process is based on the widely-supported theory that the best career choices are made using three criteria:

  • Which careers takes advantage of your natural strengths/abilities?
  • In which areas do you have natural interest?
  • What practical considerations (desired income, amount of schooling you are willing to undertake, etc.) apply to you?

The OccupationProfessor Difference

There are other career counseling services out there. But OccupationProfessor is the only web-based service that:

  • Includes all 1,064 career fields officially listed by the U.S. Department of Labor
  • Allows you to search for careers based upon your interests and practical considerations

In addition, with OccupationProfessor, you have the unmatched ability to:

  • Search and change the criteria, refining your search over time
  • Download PDF reports of your search results, so that you can go back and examine the results in more detail later
  • Save and download a list of your favorite occupations that match your profile, allowing you to combine the most promising occupations you identify from different searches in a single location.

Your OccupationProfessor service also includes:

  • Detailed information about different career fields
  • Suggestions on career preparation
  • Information on professional associations and other career groups

What we do isn’t simple, but your decision to partner with OccupationProfessor, and to start making the most of your natural talents and interests, should be.

Learn more about what we do, or sign up and get started now!