The Power of Career Counseling

> Our test determines which careers you'd be able to perform. From this list, our search filters help you fine-tune and pinpoint your best occupational matches.

Sound like magic? It's not. In fact, there's a very specific science behind what we do at OccupationProfessor.

Developed by Dr. Dan Whitenack, Ph.D., a respected industrial psychologist with more than 20 years of expertise, our career profile combines proven science, and your own interests to determine your ideal career matches.

Play the video below to see an overview of how the OccupationProfessor system works.

OccupationProfessor is here to help

Our proprietary career planning resources include:

  • Personality tests developed exclusively for career planning purposes
  • A searchable careers database (the only one of its kind), based upon your unique interests and talents
  • Web links to over 1,000 distinct career profiles
  • Customized suggestions on college majors and career fields, based on your test results
  • Career Consultations with Dr. Dan Whitenack, directly via e-mail

Too many people lose valuable time and money by failing to properly research and plan the careers they’ll spend most of their lives pursuing.

Don’t make the same mistake. Let OccupationProfessor take guess work out of career success for you today.

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